Eden Hexham: Growing Disciples

The Eden Hexham team started work on their estate in the North East of England since the start of 2018. Rachel, team leader, shares a recent story from their community…

Transforming lives: Emma’s story

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Advance: The Scattering

15/08/2020 - 12:00 am

Amongst Wolves on mission in Poland

In October 2019, mission team Amongst Wolves travelled to Mikołow in Poland as part of the EXIT Tour. Every day the team had opportunities to share the gospel and saw God move in amazing ways among the young people they were working with.

Job: Facilities Support Co-ordinator

We’re looking for a Development and Operations Manager to join our North East team. could it be you?

A renewed call to evangelism

We spoke to Dave Plowman, UK and European Director of the Luis Palau Association, to ask why he’s looking forward to Advance 2020 and why the Luis Palau Association is involved.

Job: Youth Evangelist (Wales Message Bus)

We’re looking for a new Youth Evangelist to lead the Message Bus in Wales. Could it be you?

Taking Enterprise To The Next Level

Cape Town is never too far from international headlines at the moment as crime and gangsterism grips whole communities. At times it seems bleak but head to Gangstar Café in Mowbray and there you’ll hear stories of hope that go against what the media says.

Come As You Are?

Are we preaching a middle-class gospel? Natalie Williams, author of The Myth of the Undeserving Poor, challenges us to focus on helping people to be like Jesus, not to be like ourselves

Volunteer Opportunity: Neal Street Espresso

We’re looking for volunteers for our London enterprise coffee shop – Neal Street Espresso. Could it be you?

Job: Barista (part-time)

We’re looking for a new part-time barista for Neal Street Espresso – our London based coffee shop enterprise. Could it be you?

Job: Barista

We’re looking for a new barista for Neal Street Espresso – our London based coffee shop enterprise. Could it be you?

Job: Partnerships Administrator (Donor Care)

We’re looking for a new Partnerships Administrator. Could it be you?

15 years of prisons ministry

Tim Mycock, manager of our prisons teams, reflects over the last 15 years of prisons ministry at The Message… 

My Fresh Start

We met Dennis at the house his building team are helping to renovate. To see him laughing and joking with everyone it’s hard to imagine what his life was like before he met Christ…

An Alternative Route

Our Message Buses are all about going and sharing the gospel with young people in hard-to-reach communities and equipping the local church to do the same. With buses now running the length and breadth of the UK, we spoke to North West Message Bus manager John Li to find out more…

Hope in the darkness

Amongst Wolves are our four-piece rock band mission team. The band comprises Mark (guitar and vocals), Clarissa (bass), Andy (drums) and new member Dan (vocals). We spoke to all four members about how they bring the good news of Jesus…

Committed to the bottom 10%

Bringing change by committing to communities for the long-term.

What have our Eden teams been getting up to over the summer?

Our Eden team leaders from across the country share updates and testimonies from across their neighbourhoods over the summer

Eden heads to the beach

Team leader of Eden Partington, Karen, shares how over the summer they took a group of girls from their estate to the beach and how they used this opportunity to share Jesus.

Job: Message Bus Project Leader (Scotland)

Are you a skilled communicator, passionate about reaching young people with the good news of Jesus? If so you could be who we’re looking for to join our Message Bus team in Scotland.

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Cross Canada Cycle Challenge 2019

Support Andy Hawthorne and a team of brave cyclists as they take on the Cross Canada Cycle Challenge to raise vital funds for The Message

14th August 2018

Made In His Image

Sam Ward unpacks Colossians 1 and ask what the risen Christ is doing in our lives today.

30th May 2018

We’re the best not-for-profit to work for in the UK!

Here’s the amazing Message team celebrating our recent award as the best not-for-profit to work for in the UK!

23rd March 2018