Buttershaw's Urban Hero

Published on December 15, 2011

An 18-year-old freerunner from Buttershaw, Bradford who has become a father figure to dozens of young lads on his estate was named Urban Hero of the Year 2011.

Lewis Murch, pictured, had already picked up the Inspiration Award but was called back to the stage at the fourth annual Urban Hero Awards to be told his was the story that most impressed the judges. Watch his nomination video.

He was presented with his trophy and a prize of a high-end laptop and pro music software by Chris Bowles from Awards Sponsor Stagecoach Group.

The Urban Hero Awards recognise young people who have been helped by The Message Trust and Eden Network, over the last year through our pioneering work in schools, communities and prisons.

Lewis, who grew up on Buttershaw without a stable father figure in his life , was spotted free-running, by the Eden team and was encouraged to use his gifts to help others. Lewis’ free running training sessions now attract up to 50.

“It feels good to help the kids when they want to know how to do tricks. They are good kids. All they need is somebody to get them out of trouble. Free-running is just to get them out of trouble. It’s a great sport and it feels good.”

“Every time we do a performance,” said Gav Humphries, leader of Eden Buttershaw, “we get a positive response – not just on their tricks and flips, but their attitude and their enthusiasm for what they do – it’s very infectious.”   He adds:

“Lewis chooses to spend time with the kids and I don’t hear him speaking a bad word about them. He is a man who goes against the culture of the estate and that’s inspiring. He is providing a stable father figure for many.”

See more of Lewis in action in this short film – Being Extra Ordinary Film 5.