Duke of Edinburgh in Hattersley

Published on July 10, 2012

Five young men aged between 16 and 23 from Eden’s Lifecentre Hattersley, celebrated recently as they completed their three day Silver Duke of Edinburgh qualifying expedition.

Established as an Eden team in Hattersley since 2002, this innovative centre of activity led by Simon Davidson, offers an increasing range of youth engagement activities.

Duke of Edinburgh crew“At Lifecentre, we have a wide range of activities designed to reach young people wherever they are at,” said Simon, “including working towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

“These lads persevered through the rain and despite the challenges and their heavy back packs came home without any serious injuries! I’m sure they now have a much stronger bond,” said Simon.

“All the lads are from Lifecentre’s lads cell group and we’re hoping the bond will help them carry each other through their spiritual journey too.”

The Active-EET project, aimed at 16-18 year olds who aren’t in education, training or employment, is another opportunity for local young people to plug into Lifecentre Hattersley.

Duke Of Edinburgh Hattersley

It is a 6-18 week development course, including a recognised accredited level two qualification in sports leadership.

Young people that commit to the course are given all the personalised help and support they need to get into education, employment or training.

Recently one of the young people graduating from the course, was successful in his application for a sports apprenticeship with a local sports activity provider.  During his time on the course whilst working towards his qualification he recieved all the support he needed to help him get the apprenticeship.

Before doing the course he was not engaged in education/training or employment for a year and with a bit of prayer and hand holding

he’s now doing something positive after such a short time.

To find out more about Lifecentre Hattersley, take a look at the team page and contact Simon Davidson direct on simond@lifecentre.org.uk

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