Beth Redman Chooses Eden for A21 Pilot

Published on July 16, 2012

Beth Redman, who is one of the UK Ambassadors for the A21 campaign, joined us for a quick catch up recently following her workshop sessions with Eden Bow in a local school.

Beth RedmanBeth, over the last year it sounds like you have been busy with the A21 campaign, raising awareness of the issue of human trafficking. 27 million slaves… that’s a big number – what difference do you hope to make?

Definitely, it’s huge. But A21 aims to encourage people to see the ‘one’, to value changing one life at a time. That’s why A21 has shelters. It’s important to hear the stories of rehabilitation, where girls are given life, hope and dreams back. If you think too much about the 27 million you might not do anything.

What was the purpose of going into school with Eden Bow?

We wanted to work with Eden because it has a great reputation in the communities it serves. Their teams are on the ground 24-7, alongside the schools and doing really effective youthwork. This meant we could offer our pilot project to the high school and they were open to it because Eden was involved. If it hadn’t been for Eden Bow, A21 couldn’t have tested it there. Since then, A21 has been offered to pilot it with 1.7 million students in the USA!

How do you imagine these British teenagers could help girls trapped in slavery?

It’s all about raising awareness and asking people to be eyes and ears. To know what to look for. When we told this group of teenagers in Bow about human trafficking they couldn’t believe people were selling girls. The timing was key too, it was the run up to the Olympics and the single ‘twenty seven million’ was hitting the charts.

A21-21 ways to helpHow do you deal with the question of why God allows such suffering?

We live in a broken world. There is so much beauty, but so much evil too. I raise my five kids to be savvy and discerning, and also pure. This world will never be perfect – so I believe we have to do everything we can to tell young people the truth, and to stand up for those without a voice.

How do you stop yourself from being overwhelmed by the need?

A21 does offer its staff trauma counselling and there are practical ways of being supported in the field. There are cases involving babies and certain cases that could haunt me, so firstly I try to know what I need to know but not know too much.  Also I live in the Spirit and bringing it round to Jesus is always the way forward for me.

You can find out more about A21 on their website and about Eden Bow on the team page. To find out more about what the team and young people got up to in the workshops, read the story Stop the Olympic Traffik!

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