From Salisbury with Love

Published on July 23, 2012

“I first felt a call to Manchester when I made a commitment to follow God at 17 yrs old,” said Lianna, “But it was almost 10 years before God enabled us to move as a couple to join Eden in Manchester.

Steve & Lianna Roast“When we got married in 2004 we felt God say that we should settle in Salisbury before moving to Manchester. So, we got stuck into life at St. Paul’s Church, while we were there,” Lianna recalls.

After about five years Steve and Lianna found they had a growing passion for the poor and a desire to live alongside the ‘hard-to- reach’. “As we looked at the different areas in Manchester, I was immediately drawn towards the Gorton area,” said Steve.

Between them, Steve and Lianna had been involved with leading worship, youth work and some of the children’s work, so they knew they were going to be missed. “Yet, as we explored our options, several close friends, including those in leadership at church, supported us in our application to Eden and encouraged us in thinking through what we felt God was calling us to do before we left,” said Lianna.

“When you know that there are so many people behind you, spurring you on – who will be there for you in celebration and in the tough times – it encourages you in the calling God has spoken into your lives. We feel we will be in Gorton for a very long time and we so really appreciate the ongoing support from our home church,” said Lianna.

Steve and Lianna produce newsletters which are circulated around St Paul’s and they return every six months with the express purpose of meeting with the church and those who support them face to face.

“We are in regular contact with friends and in particular with a friend who acts as a main ‘link’ for us back home. People are also proactive about finding out how we are doing and often ask us for prayer requests which is amazing,” says Lianna.

Top tips from the Roasts:

  • It’s a big step moving on, so if you know people who are thinking about it, help them and support them, please don’t hold them back
  • If you’re sending people into deprived areas then they are going to need support – not just short-term support – take a real long-term interest in them – go and visit them too
  • Remember that the relationship works in both directions – everyone benefits
  • Never underestimate the power of your prayers for those who have followed God’s call to the mission field

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