No One Messes with 'The Ris'

Published on August 1, 2012

The Eden Team in Openshaw, east Manchester, have been involved in the life of the O’Grady family for over 10 years. In his own down-to-earth way, Steve O’Grady reflects on the difference Eden has made to him…

STEVE OGRADYFor me, and my family Eden has always been there, you’re all good guys man, you’ll always help. You don’t brainwash people with the God stuff, yeah you tell ‘em about God and if they wanna listen they listen and if they don’t they don’t, but they do seem to wanna listen round here because you’ve made a great difference to the community, because you’ve stuck it out. It takes a lot to get people’s trust round here and you’ve got it now. They’ve got respect for you, the kids, and the parents. Openshaw would go under if you guys weren’t here.

No one: no one messes with ‘the risen Lord’ – you can’t can you? He’s the man.

Through Cody coming to the Eden club and that, I’ve met some brilliant people, and I really mean that, all the people that have come here, they’ve changed my life. I’ve started to get off the drugs now and I’m down to one or two cans a day. You’ve helped me out no end, when I had all that bad stuff happening with our Cody, when he was in hospital all that long time you were with me. I could phone you at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. I couldn’t even do that with my own family, you know what I mean, you were there for me.

I can see that God motivates you, he’s always there with you, you’re always there with him, and you’re always here with us. You give your all to it and even more than that as well. It’s not all about church on Sundays, you give advice, comfort and even protection for some people. I know
that it’s not about being rich, it’s about being enriched and that’s what you’ve done with me.

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