The importance of prisons work

Published on December 1, 2013

Over the last few years, Reflex’s work in North West prisons has accelerated, with many new salvations and baptisms every month. But Chaplaincy teams in prisons are under enormous pressure as budget cuts continue to bite.

But, says Tim Mycock, it seems to be in the times of the most opposition, the biggest breakthrough is just around the corner: ‘In October we planned an event with Twelve24 and Vital Signs and it just seemed like one roadblock after another. But we stepped up our prayer, and got all our supporters praying with us and that night, with 72 young men in the room, 51 made commitments.’

Tim, who himself made a commitment to Christ at a World Wide Message Tribe gig  takes over leadership of the team early in the new year, his story traces right back to Message 2000: ‘God broke my heart for young offenders through a young lad called Stephen. He was a troubled young man, most would call him a lost cause. But I saw how God got through to him at Message 2000 and he gave his life to Christ. ’

As a result of that encounter, Tim pursued youth work, trained on Xcelerate (now Message Academy) and joined the Reflex team ten years ago as an outreach and resettlement worker.

‘That young man will never know the impact he’s had on my life. I’d love to tell him.’

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