Eden Bus and Vital Signs bring new life to Netherton

Published on May 6, 2014

A recent four-week visit from the Eden Bus came to an exciting end as fifteen young people from Netherton, Liverpool gave their lives to Christ following an outdoor gig from Message missions team Vital Signs.

The recently refitted Eden Bus travelled over to the Liverpool estate for four consecutive Thursdays, assisting the Eden Netherton team with RE lessons in a local school and offering a drop-in during lunchtimes. In the evening, the Bus parked up at a local leisure centre and brought its lively mix of games, laughs and banter in a youth club setting.

Vital Signs performing in Netherton

Vital Signs performing in Netherton

‘The evening youth club, based in the car park of the local leisure centre, was a big hit,’ said Tom Grant, Eden Netherton team leader. ‘We began to build relationships with some significant young people from the community and were able to share our faith with them during a “God Slot” during the evening.’

On the final Thursday, the team arranged for Vital Signs to perform a live gig in front of the bus. Although bad weather looked set to jeopardise the event, the strength of the relationships that had already began to form with the young people meant that over 30 turned out despite the rain, as team member Lorna explains:

Tom, Lorna and the Eden Netherton team

Tom, Lorna and the Eden Netherton team

‘While Vital Signs were performing, some of the older lads, who we were hoping would come, showed up! During the last song that Dave and Nick performed, it seemed as though the youth were listening closely to the words. 

‘At the end of the gig, Dave shared his testimony and preached the gospel while the young people listened intently. It was obvious they were keen to know more and all of the young people there at some point before the end of the evening came to hear more from Dave and Nick, listening to their story and asking questions. Around fifteen young people were led in a prayer asking Jesus into their lives!’

To find out more about Eden Netherton, contact Tom.Grant@eden-network.org or take a look at the team page on the Eden Network website.

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