Proximity 2015 with Danielle Strickland, Ash Barker and more

Published on January 21, 2015

Join us at the Message Trust campus in Manchester for two days of teaching, worship, connecting with old friends and meeting new ones.

‘Proximity is the highlight of my year. Gathering with likeminded community activists from around the country for two days of worship and teaching is incredible. Come and use this time out to learn and share, dream and conspire.’ Sam Ward, National Director, Eden Network.

Book now and prepare yourself for an event that promises to be light-hearted and yet intelligent; fast-paced and yet reflective; boundary-pushing and yet affirming.

The vision for Proximity is to collaborate with all those bringing the church into much closer proximity with communities that have experienced decades of social decay; simultaneously bringing transformation to broken lives and restoring authenticity to Christian discipleship.

If you’re a leader or practitioner in any of these five overlapping areas of ministry, Proximity is for you.

BOOK NOW and join us. Tickets start at just £22.50 for the weekend. Day tickets are available too.

More information on the Eden website.