Message UK – are we approaching a tipping point?

Published on May 23, 2016

Carl Beech joined our leadership team in January as UK Director, with responsibility for rolling out Message ministries out beyond Manchester. He catches us up on the exciting things already happening around the country – and plans for more

I’m writing this a few weeks after the first leg of the Higher Tour where we saw an astonishing 2,000 young people commit to follow Christ through the mix of intensive schools mission and gigs at the O2 Apollo Manchester. Unleashing The Message Trust’s mix of amazingly talented creative teams and associate bands with proclamation evangelists made a huge Kingdom impact. For us at The Message however, it’s just the start.

Without Higher in the background, what I’m about to write could easily sound like rhetoric – but it isn’t. We firmly believe we are at a tipping point that will see an explosion of Message ministries across the UK in the toughest places, resulting ultimately, we pray, in hundreds of thousands of young people coming to faith.

Higher Manchester 2016

Gallery: Higher Manchester 2016

Our first Higher Tour stop outside of Greater Manchester will be the Midlands. We’ve formed a team and we’re already on the ground, paving the way for high-impact gospel mission within the next two years. Our expectation is that we will also see a rapid multiplication of Eden, new bands and creative teams emerging, a new hub office to serve The Midlands and an expression of enterprise to give young people the work opportunities and skills training they desperately need.

In Scotland we have a team in place planning a schools tour and bus tour between May and September, with a brand-new bus ready to hit the ground running (and it really is immense, you should see it). We’re also forming new prisons and creative teams, and dream of seeing planted in Glasgow a franchise of one of The Message enterprise units.

In London we’ve got a talented team planning a new strategy that will see the first Eden Bus for London, plus new enterprise opportunities and a multiplication of Eden.

Message Wales is flying with a new bus, pioneering prisons work (read about it overleaf), the biggest Street Pastors project outside of London, new Eden teams in the pipeline… Message Wales is accelerating fast!

Add to these five clear regions exciting plans for the North East and Yorkshire… you can see that we are seeing a radical, gospel-proclaiming, mission movement emerging that’s equipped to reach people in the toughest and poorest communities in the UK.

It’s my full expectation that should God so grace our plans, activities and dreams, that we will see Message Hubs being firmly established in each of these these regions over the next five years. Operating from these new Hubs will be expressions of Message Enterprise, from centres like the one in Manchester to smaller Message business units all giving hope to ex-offenders or young people who have previously been denied opportunity.

We will see new prisons teams established, more new Eden Buses deployed, more creative mission teams being raised up to visit schools, Higher touring the UK, the multiplication of Eden, the expansion of Message Academy and I suspect new things that the Lord will show us that we need as we journey along.

It’s an exciting time to partner with The Message Trust. Watch this space and join us for the ride!

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