Nathan’s story: first steps on a journey of discipleship

Published on January 31, 2017

After being constantly bullied Nathan suffered from anxiety and self-harm. But when he came to Higher Manchester in 2016, his life was completely transformed. He shares his story.

In December 2015 I was invited to go to my local church for a launch event. Until then I hadn’t even thought about God. But I was encouraged to attend the opening of the church so that I could see why everyone went there on a Sunday. I could also find out more about Jesus and what he did.

From that day I felt something drawing me to go back again and again, to learn about God and his son Jesus who died for me. During that time I received prayer for the stuff I was going through. At this point I still hadn’t made the choice to become a Christian.

Then in March 2016 I went to the Higher Tour in Manchester with my youth leaders and some of my neighbours. As I listened to the music and what was shared from the stage, I was really impacted. For the first time I was given an opportunity to become a Christian.

The person at the front said, ‘If you want to see God move in your life and see the goodness he will bring, raise your hand.’ At that moment I just knew I had to respond. Since that day I’ve been a Christian.

It’s not been the easiest journey but it’s so worth it. I’ve had good things happen and bad things, but God has always helped me and turned every situation for good. People finally stopped picking on me and God gave me the strength to start up a project called RISE, which helps young people going through bullying. God took away my anxiety along with any other problems I faced.

Since that day at the Higher Tour I have felt the love of God and his mercy, grace and eternal peace. Day by day there are new obstacles which come my way, but God is carrying me through and he lifts me up with his right hand that saves me. The Higher Tour was just the beginning of my journey with God – but it was an amazing start.

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