Young people flourish through Eden in Yorkshire

Published on February 2, 2017

‘Two weeks ago we had the absolute joy of seeing three of our beautiful girls from Flourish, become part of Jesus’ family,’ shared Nikky Sentance, one of the organisers of Eden Fir Vale’s girls’ youth group.

‘The evening started like any other Flourish get-together as we were chatted about our days, having collectively made and demolished a huge pile of pancakes.

‘The three girls who stayed behind suddenly started opening up,’ Nikki continued. ‘The atmosphere shifted as they started to tell us how sorry they were for bad things they’d done in the past and for not taking God seriously. They recalled an incident a couple of weeks earlier when they’d been swearing at us in Slovakian, during prayer time without us realising. They said they’d gone home and felt so bad and cried.

‘They wanted to pray with us and they started saying sorry to Jesus as we were praying. We said, if they wanted to say yes to having Jesus in their lives, to help them live differently and start again right now, then they could pray out loud after us and all three did! I walked two of them home that night and they couldn’t stop praying and dancing around saying this was the happiest day they’d ever had.

‘It was such a dramatic move of God in their lives. The last time I’d walked one of these girls home she’d pushed me into a lamppost on the way!

‘Last week we saw the girls again and they shared how they’d felt forgiven, and one of them recounted that, when she had returned home the week before, she’d carried on praying for all the things others had asked for during the prayer time in their group.

‘We’re so thankful that when God wants to move, nothing can stop him, and that even when we might have exhausted all avenues to demonstrate how much we care for people, God never has and he continually surprises us with who responds to him.’

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