More salvations at LIFT

Published on March 3, 2017

Caitlin Woodington shares stories of salvation from our LIFT event on 10 February 2017. Don’t miss part one of the story.

Once a term we put on LIFT, a termly outreach event for young people in South Wales. Each time we have been amazed by what God is doing, but I felt this time God was going to do even more. Some of the first people to arrive were the RE teacher and two girls from the school we had been at with Vital Signs that morning. The two girls caught a bus into the city centre and found the church all on their own. I chatted with the teacher and she shared how she knew she had an experience with the Holy Spirit during the lessons that day. She also shared how she felt more welcomed after being at LIFT for a few minutes that she did at her own church. Just before LIFT started three more lads from schools came in after leaving rugby practice early in order to come.

High expectations

Before LIFT even started I was already encouraged and had high expectations for what else God was going to do. The evening was brilliant with Vital Signs performing and Dai Hankey speaking. Both Vital Signs and Dai proclaimed the gospel to the young people in the audience. At the response Dai asked for anyone to stand up who wanted to follow Jesus and only handful stood. Dai asked everyone who stood to come to the front to be prayed for. As our response team gathered in the front I looked around and realised it was not just a handful coming up to be prayed for. It was now easily 50 to 60 young people up in the front ready to receive Jesus.

We didn’t have enough people to pray for everyone, so we asked youth leaders to come help us pray with them. We took them into the cafe at Freedom Church. Nick from Vital Signs came and led them in a prayer to accept Jesus. Youth leaders, stewards, Message Wales team, Vital Signs then all began praying with these young people.

After the event ended even more young people came back to be prayed for. We were overwhelmed by God’s goodness for this response to the gospel. We also got see the following:

  • Three young people from Eden Tremorfa became Christians
  • The three lads from the school were prayed for by Nick and chatted with the youth leader at Freedom Church about joining their youth club
  • The RE teacher became a Christian. She is really determined to partner with Message Wales and have us do more in the school with her. Nick felt that God was going to make her a key figure for our Message Wales’ schools work and Higher

A foretaste of what’s to come

That Friday it seemed wherever I looked God was pouring out his Spirit. Despite wondering how this could possibly work out I saw God bring all things together for his kingdom and his glory.

The word I felt God speak to me that day was ‘deposit’. Friday 10 February 2017 was a deposit of what is come. It is a deposit of what God is going to release in Wales in the coming days, months and years. It is a deposit of what he is going to do through Higher. It is a deposit of his faithfulness. It is a deposit of him calling a generation of Welsh teenagers to himself.

When I first joined Message Wales (when it was Ignite), I was told how Ignite believed that this generation was going to see the biggest move of God the nation had ever seen. It was a vision and a belief I have come to believe and pray into as well. Transitioning from Ignite to Message Wales did not cause us to lose that vision. Instead it has intensified it. I believe Friday was a deposit of that move coming to Wales and the UK. It’s a taste of what God is about to unleash, a glimpse of what he is preparing. And so if Friday was a deposit, I know I speak for all of us at Message Wales when I say we want it all. We want more of this, God.

We would love to see you at our next LIFT event. It’s happening at Freedom Church Cardiff on Friday 19 May. For more details contact Margaux Doey: