Taking Manchester Higher again

Published on May 19, 2017

Higher Manchester 2016 was just over a year ago and we are so grateful for the remarkable stories of salvation that came out of the tour. We saw the incredible transformation of thousands of individual lives across the city in partnership with the local church. So… we are gearing up to go again in Manchester!

We learnt a lot from Higher last year, and as we go again we are making sure we grow and adapt. Part of this will include refining the discipleship resources making them more accessible as well as scheduling more evangelistic events in various churches across the city.

Higher will hit schools in October and November 2017 which will culminate in an evangelistic youth event on Friday 17 November at Victoria Warehouse, as part of the Message Conference.

Everything we do is in partnership with the local church so we need you to get involved. Could your church host a day for one of our teams? Could you be on our response team or steward at one of the events? If so please contact us today: highertour.com/get-involved/.

By the end of 2018 the Higher Tour will have visited the Midlands, South Wales and Manchester for the second time and we are excited to see continued transformation across our nation.