Eden Rhydyfelin: ‘We never expected such a response’

Published on June 18, 2017

After a week of mission, Eden Bus sessions and lots of prayer, Eden Rhydyfelin experienced the biggest breakthrough they’ve seen since launching a year ago. Team leader Heather shares.

‘It was just an ordinary evening, as far as we were aware. The Eden Bus was coming to Rhydyfelin and this time we had some Message Academy students volunteering with us. It was our last session booked in with the bus, so I decided it was time to give our young people the opportunity to choose to follow Jesus.

‘Jon gave a great short talk which got the young people thinking. At the end he asked them to say the prayer on the screens if they wanted to accept Jesus. As far as we know, one young person did! He’s the younger brother of one of the boys who’s been coming along to our church since it moved into the Ilan Centre, so this was so encouraging to see. It’s ace for us to be able to work with both boys of the same household like this.

‘During the talk, however, one girl said she was an atheist. Mike, our Eden Bus manager, asked her, “Why?” Mike spend the next half-hour talking to her, trying to help her consider the possibility of something greater out there. By the end she agreed to come along to LIFT the following night – what a breakthrough!

‘The next night we took five youth down to LIFT. One of those was already a Christian (and in fact had re-committed his life to Christ at the last LIFT event). SoulBox performed and the music was a hit with our young people – soon enough all of them were at the front dancing. It was awesome to see, as most of them had never been to an event like this.

‘When Mat Walls stood up to share the gospel, I was worried they’d lose interest. Normally the “God Slot” on the bus only lasts ten minutes at most, but throughout Mat’s talk they were so engaged. When it came to the response, one of our girls stood up. But seeing no one else had stood up, rather quickly sat back down. My heart leapt for joy at seeing her bravery. And then just a few seconds later, my heart had even more reason to sing, as looking around, all four of our group (who weren’t Christians) were on their feet. They all went forward together for prayer and to give their lives to Jesus!

‘I just couldn’t believe it. I always pray things like this would happen in Eden Rhydyfelin, but I never expected quite such a response. To see the girls in tears, because it had all became a reality to them was incredibly moving. They normally have quite a tough persona, but they were crying and hugging each other. It was such a move of the Holy Spirit! Evie from the Academy, saw what had happened and prayed with the girls. How special for her to see such an incredible change in our kids overnight.

‘We haven’t yet had another bus session in Rhydyfelin, but we’re so keen to get the young people stuck into something more substantial soon, so we can help them along their journey. This is just the beginning for Eden Rhydyfelin and our young people, and we’re so ready for it!’

The next LIFT event is at 7pm on 22 September 2017 at Freedom Church, Cardiff. Tickets are £4 online or £5 on the door.

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