Introducing Matt, Eden Tremorfa team leader

Published on June 21, 2017

Since launching in February 2016, Eden Tremorfa has been steadily engaging with community life on the estate – befriending neighbours, starting up a youth club and hanging out with young people.

Sadly, in December 2016, team leader Femi Ashiru informed his team he felt it was time to move on. Although it wasn’t news the team wanted to hear, they felt hopeful that God still wanted them in the estate and that he was going to provide a new leader – and he has!

Local youth and social worker Matt Nicholas joined our Eden Tremorfa team as the team leader on 10 April and the team couldn’t be more excited to have him on board. Matt first heard about the work of Eden at a conference many years ago.

‘Eden was new at the time and it sounded so exciting,’ he shares. ‘Living out the message of Christ among local people, bringing hope and seeing lives changed. It’s now many years later and God has called me to lead an Eden team here in Cardiff.

‘I’m anticipating this being one of the best decisions I’ve ever obeyed.’

Matt is passionate about building great relationships with young people. He loves to laugh and has found this to be the best way of connecting with people and breaking the ice. You can see why we think he’s a great fit!

He’s also a creative person with experience in graphic design, building websites and video editing. ‘I’m excited to find creative ways of communicating the hope of Christ to young people in a way that is real and relevant to them,’ he says.

Please pray for Matt as he makes the transition into Tremorfa. Pray he’d find the right accommodation, build strong relationships in the community and that the local church would be blessed and encouraged as it supports the team. Also pray God gives the team the strength, courage and unity to see him do something amazing in Tremorfa.

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