Eden Tremorfa: a beatboxing breakthrough

Published on June 29, 2017

WALES—Whether they’ll admit it or not, one of the biggest things young people struggle with on Eden estates is confidence. So you can imagine why the Eden Tremorfa team were so encouraged when two of their young people stepped out of their comfort zone and beatboxed in front of their friends. Matt, Eden Tremorfa team leader, shares what happened that night.

‘For our June mission week we had the awesome hip-hop duo SoulBox down from Manchester doing schools sessions and performing at LIFT. Some of our Eden team had been with them during the week and had just loved hearing their music, so were super excited the duo were going to perform and share their stories at our youth club on Thursday night.

‘Ahead of the evening, we’d told the young people Ben and Jon would be joining us to perform some songs and do some beatboxing. We remembered that two of our lads had previously mentioned they enjoyed beatboxing, so we challenged them to come ready to perform. We had no idea whether they’d have the confidence to get involved, we just hoped they’d be inspired by what they saw and maybe give it a go. We also didn’t really know how much beatboxing they’d done before.

‘Our numbers had been a bit low in recent weeks, so to really encourage the young people to come, we decided to offer free hotdogs and soft drinks on the night too. Even though we didn’t have a huge turnout, it was great to see a number of young people who hadn’t been in a while, as well as some new faces.

‘After a long week at school, young people can often be quite boisterous at our youth club, but that night there was a great atmosphere in the room as they mingled with the SoulBox boys and a couple of the Message Academy team who were also visiting.

‘After performing a couple of songs, Ben started beatboxing. The two lads were loving it so much, they had their phones out to film him and looked keen to get involved. We encouraged them to jump in, and to our delight, both lads showed courage and got up there to beatbox. And what a brilliant job they did!

‘After receiving some tips on breathing and timing, there was no holding them back. It was amazing seeing them flourish and doing something they obviously loved with so much energy and confidence. It was such a special moment and the lads were super chuffed with all the positive comments they received.

‘You could see the experience had increased their confidence and we look forward to giving them and the other young people more opportunities to use their skills at youth club!’

Please continue praying for Matt and his team and if you’d like to find out more about joining Eden Tremorfa, just email matt.nicholas@eden-network.org