‘We have snakes if you ever need them!’

Published on October 3, 2017

Eden teams are all about bringing transformation to their communities, from the inside out. We love hearing stories from the teams around the country of how this transformation is taking place. Our Eden teams give so much to their communities and it’s amazing when we begin to see these communities giving back. Eden Walsall saw such a moment only recently.

After an incident that upset one of the young people at church, team leader Jem visited their family to explain. The family were so welcoming and it was lovely to spend time getting to know them better. Just as Jem was leaving, Wendy, the young person’s mum, made a kind offer. ‘We have pet snakes if you ever need them!’

Gav, Jem’s husband and fellow Eden Walsall team leader, was planning on speaking about temptation at church that Sunday and the snakes fitted right in to what he was speaking about.

Jem shares, ‘Wendy kindly brought the snakes to church and everybody loved them. A lot of our young people at St Peter’s are scared of dogs and cats but surprisingly loved the snakes and many of the adults at church commented on how it really brought the talk to life’.

Wendy was warmly welcomed in to the church just as Jem had been warmly welcomed in to Wendy’s home. The church was able to reciprocate the welcome that Wendy had shown to Jem and Wendy is looking forward to joining them at St Peter’s again.

Gav and Jem have been Eden team leaders in Walsall for just over a year, getting to know their vibrant multi-cultural community through detached youth work and activities with their partner church, St Peter’s Walsall. With many exciting opportunities, they are currently building a team to serve with them.

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