Message Academy: Evie’s Story

Published on October 11, 2017

‘It was so encouraging to realise that I can play a part in transformation and see how powerful and effective the gospel is’

While our Message Academy students are settling in to the first month of their new course, let’s take a look back at the last year of Academy as the 2016/17 students share their highlights from the year. If you didn’t know, Message Academy is a gap year for anyone between the age of 18 and 25. It’s a year of training in youth work, evangelism and creative arts, designed to grow the student’s character, relationship with God and their effectiveness in sharing the gospel.

Evie is one of the 15 students who were a part of the Academy family from 2016 to 2017. From leading worship in prisons to outreach on the streets of South Africa, Evie’s confidence in being able to share the gospel grew during her placements throughout the year, which led to many life changing encounters.

In the first term I had the opportunity to go to Hindley prison and lead worship in the chapel service, a preacher came in and shared his testimony and we saw 9 out of 15 men respond to the gospel and commit their lives to Jesus. It was so encouraging to realise that I can play a part in transformation and see how powerful and effective the gospel is.

I had a placement doing outreach, door knocking and talking to people on the streets, offering prayer and sharing the gospel. At first, I really struggled and felt very anxious but I grew in confidence as I saw people open up and I learnt about effective ways to get alongside people and share the gospel. On our last week, me and another student were prayer walking around the university campus and we felt like we needed to offer prayer to a man coming towards us. As we did he broke down in tears, told us that yesterday he was diagnosed with cancer and we were able to pray with him there and then. I learnt a lot about persevering even when it seems like an impossible task, being obedient to God and seeing incredible things when we listen to the spirit.

When we were in South Africa doing outreach in a mall I had the confidence to share my testimony with a girl. Before I did she wasn’t interested in faith and seemed very closed off but afterwards she broke down in tears and told me that she was going through the same things as I had shared in my story: anxiety and depression. I was able to share the good news of God’s love and tell her that God healed me. She asked me to pray with her and I now understand the beauty of divine appointments.

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