Eden Latchford: Dinner on the Doorstep

Christmas can be a very difficult and lonely time for many people. It is the privilege for our Eden teams to bring some hope and joy to these people in the communities that they live in…

Last Christmas, the team leaders of Eden Latchford, Andy and Danielle, went along their street handing out Christmas cards, invites to their church carol service and sweets. When they arrived at house number 13 an elderly man named Bill opened the door. During their conversation, the team leaders found out that Bill lives alone, with no family and is very lonely. Bill told them that he would be having egg and chips on his own for Christmas dinner and so Danielle invited him along to their home to eat with them on Christmas day. As 25 December rolled around, Bill didn’t turn up. Not wanting Bill to be on his own on Christmas day, Danielle plated up a Christmas dinner and took it round to house number 13. With tears in his eyes, Bill opened the door saying that the night before he had been praying that he would never wake up again or if there was a God out there that He would bring someone in to his life to be a friend, and here was Danielle at his front door with a Christmas dinner.

Since then Andy has gone to see Bill weekly, spending time simply chatting with him and keeping him company. Andy would encourage conversations about faith and Jesus on numerous occasions but Bill had little understanding about it all and would divert the conversations to something else. In October this year, however, after a conversation with Danielle’s mother about Christ, Bill chatted through with Andy what it means to be a christian and made the decision to follow Jesus. Now when Andy and Danielle visit Bill they chat about Jesus, are going through the Alpha course together and pray regularly.

This friendship with Bill which led to him coming to know Jesus and seeing a great transformation in his life all began with a knock on the door and a Christmas dinner. This loving act of kindness from the Eden team leaders stemmed from a passion within Andy and Danielle to share the love of Christ on the Latchford estate and to see God’s kingdom in that community.

If you’re feeling inspired to live sacrificially and share the love of Jesus on an Eden team then head to joineden.org to get involved.