Eden Bow: Cheering on Champions

Published on January 3, 2018

Last year, Eden Bow (London), were able to take their young people to watch the World para-athletics Championships and had an amazing time watching the events and came away feeling inspired. Alex, Eden Bow team leader, shares her experience of the event: 

There are lots of perks to living in London and one of them is living right next to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. We had the opportunity to apply for tickets to the para athletics and were delighted to take a group of our young people to watch these incredible athletes from around the world compete. We watched so many different events from the wheel chair races to blind long jump. We saw British athletes win medals and records being broken.

One of the best bits of the night happened before the competitions started. In the entertainment area at the entrance of the grounds, there were lots of opportunities for the young people to try out different sports and complete an obstacle course in a wheelchair. As we were waiting in one of the lines I spotted one of the athletes and encouraged one of the young people to go over and say hello. It turned out that he was Luke Sinnot who competed for Great Britain in the long jump. It was his first big competition in long jump and came fourth, putting in a performance that was only centimetres off the winning jump. He was really chatty and engaging with the young people and shared with them how he lost his legs in war and after sailing for team GB in the Olympics he thought he’d try a different sport. He discovered that he was not only a good runner but a good jumper. He had competed the night before and showed our young people a video of his jump on his phone.

It was so fun to hang out with the young people and share the excitement and wonder of the evening with them. They came away inspired and encouraged and yet again as leaders we came away feeling the same about them.

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