Eden Gurnell Grove: Silent Witness

Published on January 11, 2018

Our Eden teams work hard to bring transformation to the communities that they live and work in but they don’t always realise how much of an impact they have on the people around them. 

Mark Tate from Eden Gurnell Grove recently received a phone call from the local council asking whether he was planning on attending the ceremony for the ROAR (Recognising Outstanding Achievement of Residents) awards. The phone call went a bit like this…

Council: ‘Are you planning on attending the ROAR awards ceremony to support the person you’ve nominated?’
Mark: ‘I’m sorry I haven’t nominated anyone for an award, I haven’t even heard of the ROAR awards?’
Council: ‘You’ve nominated Mark Tate and the Eden Gurnell Grove team’
Mark: ‘Well I’m Mark Tate and I lead that team but I wouldn’t nominate myself?’
*awkward silence*
Council: ‘Oh I see… Well, congratulations you have been nominated for a ROAR award. Are you able to attend the awards ceremony?’

It turned out that the nomination was made by the manager of the sheltered accommodation on the estate where they have done a lot of gardening work and held afternoon teas. The team attended the awards ceremony at Ealing Town Hall along with the Mayor of Ealing and their local MP.

We felt truly honoured to be nominated

The team didn’t win but left feeling so encouraged that the work they are doing in their community has benefited the residents and that it is being appreciated. It left them feeling energised about carrying on and it is always fun to dress up and have a good night out!

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