Eden Bow: Light in the darkness

Published on January 22, 2018

Alex (Eden Bow team leader) shares how she has been reflecting on the wonderful truth of John 1:5 – ‘The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it’:

‘As I look back through 2017, I rejoice over the goodness and faithfulness of God as myself and the rest of the Eden Bow team continue to love our community and share the love of Jesus with our friends and neighbours.

Then two days before I left Bow to see family over the Christmas holidays I spotted a bunch of flowers tied to a lamppost whilst I was out visiting one of our local families.

Just before we moved to Bow a teenager was stabbed near the DLR station just before Christmas and died there on our streets. He was killed by his friend over a petty argument that broke out over Facebook.

We never met him but young people we’ve worked with knew him, some were there as he bled out on the street and many were deeply affected. You’d never know it had happened if you were just walking past this place, but each December flowers appear on the lamppost nearby. They affect me every year

Of course, the Light shines when we are out on fun trips or in cosy clubs in the youth space. But it’s here, on the street, as a teenager breathes his last, that the light matters. It’s in those moments when the darkness is its most oppressive, most suffocating, most crushing that the Light matters. And that’s why we do what we do. I can’t share all of those moments with you now but know that as a team we’ve been facing them over 2017 and it is Jesus’ Light that we have clung to.

Heading in to 2018 we once again stand firm in our faith that the Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.’

Our Eden teams live sacrificially in some of the most deprived communities across the UK and around the world, bringing about community transformation and working hard to bring Jesus’ light in the darkest of places. Join Eden today by heading joineden.org