Eden Walsall: Bringing the community together

Published on January 30, 2018

In May 2016 Eden teamed up with St Peter’s Church to launch Eden Walsall. Since then they have seen God at work in the local area and growing the church.

December 2016 saw the first nativity at St Peter’s and with it came local children. This in turn has almost tripled the size of the children’s group.

Team leader Gav shares…

‘We invite the children we meet on the streets (through Eden’s community work) to church. They are turning up and changing the dynamics! It’s refreshing and full of opportunities.’

Christmas 2017 saw a new challenge, bringing in not just the children but also the families. This led to a big performance full of rewritten Disney songs such as ‘Did you know?’ instead of ‘Let it go’ from Disney’s Frozen, leaving the congregation with the question: Did you know that you can follow Jesus today?

‘Overall 35 children took part in the nativity in some way. There were a lot of mistakes, but the real nativity wasn’t clean and tidy so why should this be any different?’

After the service Gill Rathbone, a member of St Peter’s for over forty years, shared that it was the best Christmas service they had ever had…

‘We have had some really good nativities over the years but this year it was wonderful to see so many children taking part, a lot of whom from the local community who had never been to church before. The pride and joy on their faces as they took part was wonderful to see for me and for their families who came to watch them. I have prayed for so long to hear children’s voices ringing round this church once again and can only thank God for answering my prayers at long last and trust that He will continue to bless and anoint ministries here in this parish.’

For Gav, it shows why Eden is part of the local church…

‘It’s been so great to be a part of St Peter’s church and to see so many families start to join our church family. We hope that we can continue to welcome members of the local community through our doors and take opportunities to celebrate them.’

Join the Eden Walsall team or one of the other teams around the country by heading to joineden.org