Higher sees 25,685 pupils in the Midlands and introduces more than 1,200 to Jesus

Published on May 29, 2018

The Higher Tour is well and truly on the road – with the Midlands leg completed in February and March 2018. 

‘We’ve been working in the region for nearly two years in preparation for Higher’, says Tom Butler, Head of UK Mission. ‘Through the relationships we’ve built with youth and church leaders from local churches, we’ve been able to connect hundreds of young people to youth groups that will help them on their journey of faith’.

Higher cast a broad net, working with schools in Coventry, Solihull, Birmingham and the Black Country with gospel gigs at local churches in each region.

Through the main outreach events we were able to give away nearly 900 response packs – which include a full copy of the Bible and information about how to get connected to your nearest church connected to Higher. And we saw 350 young people meet Jesus at other points during the tour.

‘One of the key milestones in the build-up to Higher Midlands was out youth conference in January,’ says Tom. ‘We had 300 young people from 31 different churches attend – each one wanting to grow in confidence sharing the gospel with their friends and inviting them to the Higher events the following month. As a result of the conference, three separate young people from three different churches took a copy of the Higher Schools Pack to their head of RE. It happened to be the same teacher – who booked us for their school in Walsall straight away! We’re passionate about releasing the gift of evangelism in young people so we can cause a ripple effect that lasts for long after our visits. It’s so encouraging to see how they are already bearing fruit.’

We’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback from the schools we visited. ‘BrightLine have a gift for reaching young people where they are,’ commented one teacher, and another said, ‘Higher has enabled our students to get in touch with the most important things in life in a revenant and engaging manner’.

‘Higher Midlands was a pivotal moment,’ reflects Tom. ‘We’re on a journey to take Jesus to a generation and this was our first major mission outside Manchester. There is so much to celebrate – God has shown again that he is faithful and in the business of rescuing young people’.


Stories from our Response Team

‘A group of young people from Solihull responded to Jesus at our Birmingham gig. When we asked why they’d travelled so far, they told us that two of them had been to a Solihull gig the week before and made a response. They had gone home, found out when the next gig was and convinced their friends to come with them to respond to Jesus too. They did, and we sent them home with their response packs and Higher Bibles.’ 

‘A young girl who was part of the CLM Church, Coventry, brought their Catholic friend to the gig. Her friend responded to the gospel and was handed a response pack which included a Higher Bible. She couldn’t believe that she had a copy of the Bible for herself. In her house the Bible was kept high on the shelf, more like a piece of art or family heirloom that was not to be touched.’ 

Keep on track with Higher as we go to Cambridgeshire and South Wales before the end of the year. Find us on social media – search ‘Higher Tour’.

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