Eden Islington: Back To School

Published on June 6, 2018

Our Eden team in Islington (Salford) are heading back to school. Two of our team members and three members of the partner church are on the school governing board. This is a great enabler for the team and the partner church to do more within the school and within the community.

One opportunity involves team leader Jez going into the school once a week and helping with the strategic planning of the school. This means he has a say in the future of the school and is creating a big impact in the community. Ali the other team leader is leading assemblies each week and through this she’s creating relationships within the school and on the playground.

So many other opportunities are opening up from this partnership such as ‘TLG Make Lunch’ – an initiative that makes sure every young person gets a hot meal each day, even in school holidays. They are also working with teachers to make food back referrals for families in need.

Overall, having the team working so closely with the school is creating a strong partnership not only with the team but also with the partner church. We are excited to see how this will impact the community of Islington.

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