Eden DTES: Why I Joined Eden

Fari, team leader of Eden Down Town East Side (Vancouver, Canada) shares his thoughts and feelings about why he joined Eden and how this has impacted his life so far… 

‘The reason I’ve got on board with the Eden DTES is because I love Jesus. I have chosen to follow his commands to love God and my neighbour as myself and to make disciples of all nations. I believe God has chosen DTES to be my neighbourhood. He gets to choose my neighbour for me so that I can carry out his mission in loving and caring for people of all kinds of nationalities, backgrounds and lifestyles.’

I love what Eden stands for and how it has brought considerable transformation in many communities around the world

‘In this pursuit, Eden has provided a supportive community and a strategy to achieve lasting community development. This strategy used by Eden is also known as the Asset-based Community Development (ABCD), a methodology for the sustainable development of communities based on the strengths and potentials of community members. This is the kind of community development that Eden DTES aims to help bring alongside many other existing churches and non-profit groups.’

‘Eden DTES provides Christians with the opportunity to be a part of an urban missionary team sent to bring long-term renewal to DTES. I love what Eden stands for and how it has brought considerable transformation in many other communities around the world.’

‘The five cornerstones of Eden that I strongly agree with are:

1. We are rooted in local church

2. We focus on the toughest neighbourhoods

3. As a team of people we make our homes in the heart of the community

4. Our first priority is given to reaching youth to see their full potential unlocked

5. We belong to a wider relational network. This includes other Eden teams in Canada and across the world. As teams called to a variety of locations we recognize the importance of sharing our stories and experiences, work through issues and challenges, and offer support and encouragement to one another.’

‘As an Eden Team Leader and campus pastor at Coastal Church Crosstown I love being part of a local team of people who are not ashamed of sharing the gospel of Jesus and truly loving their neighbours!’


Eden sends urban missionaries to underprivileged communities to live sacrificially, share the gospel and build authentic community. Join Eden today: joineden.org