Higher Cambs 2018: An ‘Unforgettable Mission’

Higher visited 34 schools in Cambridgeshire in October, seeing nearly 2,000 attend gospel events and 784 young people introduced to Jesus for the first time.

We worked in close partnership with Youth For Christ, the Cambridge Youthwork Collective, the Diocese of Ely, Mission Direct and Scripture Union to deliver another successful Higher Tour outside Manchester, following hot on the heels of Higher Midlands this Spring.

‘We are so grateful for everyone who partnered with us for Higher Cambs,’ says Tom Butler, our Head of UK Mission. ‘This unforgettable mission has, in many ways, redefined how The Message approaches partnership and kingdom collaboration.’

The three evangelistic gigs – at St Mary’s Eaton Socon, Ely Cathedral and The Junction, Cambridge – were packed, and in Cambridge tickets sold out days before the event. Message bands Amongst Wolves, BrightLine, Galactus Jack and SoulBox headlined the tour, delivering high-energy school lessons during the day and boldly proclaiming the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ at the evening events.

We gave out 784 response packs to young people who met Jesus, each containing a full copy of the Bible and information about how to connect to a local church. Almost 50 discipleship follow-up courses were available in local church across the region.

‘We have witnessed at first hand the blessing that God brings when his people work in unity,’ reflected Alan McCormick, chair of the Higher Cambs delivery team and CEO of Mission Direct. ‘It is the commitment, vision and generosity of our local churches that have made this mission possible.’

But it’s the stories of individual lives changed that are the real news. We received this message through the Higher Instagram account after the gig at Ely Cathedral: ‘I just got out of your show tonight at Ely Cathedral feeling that I’m loved. I’ve not had the best of lives, many times I’ve wanted to end it all right then and there, but you made me rethink my mistakes. I was crying, really touched by the words that were said. I seriously loved that night so much, it has changed me forever. When Jesus was put on the cross for us, so we don’t have to put the blade to our own skin, that changed me a lot. I don’t know how to thank you enough for tonight.’

Higher is currently in South Wales to welcome many hundreds more young people into God’s kingdom for the first time. Keep up to speed with the tour by following @HigherTour or by visiting highertour.com.