Higher Yorkshire Two Weeks of Prayer – Day Nine

Nikky Sentence – Eden Fir Vale (Sheffield)

I’ve always loved the story of the early Church – the utterly mind-blowing things God can do with a group of ordinary people willing to just give it a go. People who were mostly just making it up as they went along, while God did all the real work.

As the Higher Tour approaches fast, I find great hope in the fact that God works in this way. That it’s not about how well we can ‘sell’ the gospel, how confident we feel, how cool we appear to young people, or how qualified we are, but it’s simply about staying close to God and letting him use us. It’s about being willing to give it a go.

When we’re open to the prompting of God, even in the midst of feeling inadequate, miracles happen. Miracles like Peter who, filled with the Holy Spirit, speaks truth to a massive crowd and 3000 people believe, are baptised and are added to the church THAT DAY.

I long to see this happen during Higher. That daily, hundreds and hundreds of young people would join the family. And why wouldn’t that be the case? We’ve seen it happen in Higher Tours all across the country. We’ve seen it happen in schools themselves. Why wouldn’t we see it happen in Yorkshire this year? I’m believing for it. But I also believe that we need to stay close to God and we need to keep seeking him.

So today, please join me in praying for everyone involved in the Higher Tour, whether they are speaking on stage, performing in schools, running follow-up sessions, leading partner churches, organising the whole thing, or playing another part in this great mission, that we all become less and that he becomes more.

Let’s pray:
Father God, thank you that you use ordinary people like us to do extraordinary things. We don’t always get it right, and we don’t always know exactly what we’re doing, but help us to stay in tune with you, to keep saying yes to you and to keep giving it a go. Amen.

The Higher Yorkshire team are hosting five prayer events in the next two weeks and we’d love it if you came to the event nearest you.  For more information contact yorkshire@message.org.uk 

16 January – Leeds & Bradford Higher Launch – Pudsey Parish Church, LS28 8BE – 7:30pm – 9:15pm

17 January – Wakefield Higher Prayer Night – New Life Church, WF1 1DL – 7:30pm – 9pm