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Mark Greenwood – A Divine Operation

Pete Greig – There is Hope

Sam Ward – Proximity and Proclamation

Andy Hawthorne – Here I Am

Ben Jack – Back to basics

Emma Owen – Let’s talk about sex!

Andy Hawthorne – See I’m doing a new thing

Pete Greig – Pray like it matters

Tim Mycock and Sarah Belcher – Breaking the cycle

Tom Grant & Sarah Small – How to reach urban communities

Tom Butler – Getting in the door

Pete Greig – We Must Go – Message Conference 2019

Andy Hawthorne – Jesus at the Temple

Sam Ward – The Wait is Over

Andy Hawthorne – Walk in humility

Glyn Barrett – Atmosphere

Ben Jack – Be Steadfast

Flow Podcast 2018

Flow Podcast Episode 48 – Review of the Year

Andy Hawthorne – You Who Are Highly Favoured

Sam Ward – Temptation

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Cross Canada Cycle Challenge 2019

Support Andy Hawthorne and a team of brave cyclists as they take on the Cross Canada Cycle Challenge to raise vital funds for The Message

14th August 2018

Made In His Image

Sam Ward unpacks Colossians 1 and ask what the risen Christ is doing in our lives today.

30th May 2018

We’re the best not-for-profit to work for in the UK!

Here’s the amazing Message team celebrating our recent award as the best not-for-profit to work for in the UK!

23rd March 2018