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James Aladiran – The Fire Within

Tim Tucker – ‘Sanctify Your Soul’

Flow Podcast 2018

Flow Podcast Episode 41 (January 2018)

Carl Beech

Carl Beech – ‘Be Still’

Martin Storey – ‘Birthing a Vision’

Andy Hawthorne

Andy Hawthorne – ‘The Law of Great Returns’

Flow Podcast 2018

Flow Podcast Episode 40 (December 2017)

Tim Alford – ‘God of the Gap’

Carl Beech

Carl Beech – ‘The Power of Fasting’

Andy Hawthorne

Andy Hawthorne – ‘Free to be filled’

Beth Redman – ‘Keep your eyes on the prize’

Andy Hawthorne – ‘Digging, begging and owning’

Carl Beech – ‘Humility and the opposite spirit’

Andy Hawthorne – ‘How to keep going when you feel like giving up’

Luis Palau – ‘Revival across the world’

Stories from the frontline: Testimonies to blow your mind

Tim and Emma Owen – ‘How to keep on the cutting edge of creative mission’

Danielle Strickland – ‘Heart for the poor’

Carl Beech – ‘Keep on going’

Luis Palau – ‘A living sacrifice’

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Eden Latchford: Dinner on the Doorstep

Christmas can be a very difficult and lonely time for many people. It is the privilege for our Eden teams to bring some hope and joy to these people in the communities that they live in… Last Christmas, the team…

12th December 2017

Being The Message: out now!

Being The Message is the new book from The Message team! Release date: 1 December 2017.

29th November 2017

Finding Family: Joe’s amazing story of transformation

After years trapped in a cycle of drugs and crime, Joe had lost everything, even his family. But after finding Christ in prison, he is now completely free from addiction and has been restored to his family.

2nd November 2017