Are you called to be an evangelist? Are you passionate about preaching the good news of Jesus Christ? Do you believe that the time is right to put the lamp on a stand once again and take the gospel unashamedly to the nations?
Advance: The Message Evangelists Movement exists to develop, encourage and endorse preaching evangelists. Advance is concerned with prioritising the preaching of the gospel, and the support of the preacher.

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Advance grew out of a vision from Andy Hawthorne in 2014 to gather twelve young preaching evangelists around himself to develop and sharpen them. Having now begun to multiply around the UK and beyond, this network is ultimately a direct response to the need for passionate, unashamed communicators of the gospel of Jesus Christ to be equipped, encouraged and held accountable through regular group interaction and support.

Through monthly meetings and an annual conference, the gathered evangelists receive teaching, sharpen each other through discussion, and share openly about where they are at in their personal walk with Jesus. The evangelists in the groups send email and text updates about the opportunities and engagements they have to preach the gospel, and encourage each other with the fruit from these opportunities.

The really exciting part of this initiative is that after one year in the group, each evangelist then finds another twelve evangelists who they then mentor in the same way. This is about evangelists developing evangelists, to see a huge increase around the UK (and beyond) in the number of preaching evangelists who will unashamedly put the lamp on a stand. Imagine the initial groups of twelve expanding over the coming years to become a mighty and numerous collective of evangelists who take the Good news to the nations; Something about that sounds familiar!


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Advance 2020 represents one of the greatest opportunities for explosive gospel growth in the lifetime of The Message. Ben Jack gets to the heart of what it’s all about. An Instagram post of a cheeseburger with the comment, ‘Best. Burger.…

Session Three: What is the gospel?

Having talked through evangelism as the proclamation of the good news in the last session, we now make time to explore the gospel itself. What is the gospel? Do we have a sufficient understanding of the message we preach to…

Today's prayer point

Pray for our team in Scotland as they launch their new schools work programme this month. Pray that they will have a great impact in every school that they visit.

One Thing: Nothing is too small to be used by God

Gavin Calver shares the one thing he wished he knew before he started preaching the gospel

One Thing: Your Story Is Powerful

Joe Barrett shares one thing he wish he knew before preaching the gospel.

One Thing: Know the gospel really well

Joe Boston shares one thing he wish he knew before preaching the gospel…

We’re the best not-for-profit to work for in the UK!

Testimony: Eden Bus

Sid Williams shares some recent testimony from the work of the Eden Bus in the North West…  We’ve been busy using the bus to plant church, youth ministry and so on for a while now but recently we’ve changed how…

Session Two: What Is Evangelism?

In this second group session we can start to unpack the concept of evangelism, and what it means to be an evangelist.

One Thing: Be Excited

Emma Owen discusses how one thing to remember preaching the gospel is to be excited!

One Thing I Wish I Knew When I Started Preaching the Gospel…

The enemy WILL attack to destroy your ministry and call

Session One: Called To Evangelism

This first group meeting should be used as an opportunity to get to know each other, establish the framework for what the group will be, and begin a dialogue around the idea of what it means to be called to be an evangelist.

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Promoting Simplicity, Part Three: The Spiritual Gospel

In part three of the Advance series ‘Promoting Simplicity’, Ben Jack explores ‘The Spiritual Gospel’

OneThing: be bold and go for it!

Daniel Eduardo, part of the Advance network, shares his top tip for sharing the gospel

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Andy Hawthorne – ‘Free Indeed’

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