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Andy Hawthorne – You Who Are Highly Favoured

Sam Ward – Temptation

Today's prayer point

Please pray for the new team members at the Message Enterprise Centre. Pray that they settle in quickly and feel a part of the team.

Rachel Hickson – Shut and Open Doors

Joe Reeser – A Pioneer Spirit

Sam Ward – Jesus’ Family Tree

Sam Ward – Why did Jesus get baptised?

James Aladiran – The Offensive Gospel

Stuart Bell – Blessed to Bless

Eden Explored: Gospel

Sam Ward explores the three key principles of Eden – Gospel, Community and Sacrifice…

Let Down Your Nets

Jesus repurposed Simon Peter’s career and made him a fisher of men. What can we learn from his story? Andy Hawthorne explores

Back to Basics

Advance 2020 represents one of the greatest opportunities for explosive gospel growth in the lifetime of The Message. Ben Jack gets to the heart of what it’s all about. An Instagram post of a cheeseburger with the comment, ‘Best. Burger.…

Sam Ward – The Fruit of Repentance

The Poverty Revolution

Is the decline of the church inevitable? Philip North, Bishop of Burnley, suggests instead that inevitable renewal will start on the margins. 

Andy Hawthorne – Stay True To Your Calling

Colin Urquhart – Who Are You?

Sam Ward – The Father’s Business

Andy Hawthorne – Be Filled with the Spirit

Andy Hawthorne – ‘Why did Jesus come?’

Flow Summer Specials

Flow Podcast Summer Specials Episode 5

Andy Hawthorne – ‘Jesus is Coming Back’