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Greater Gratitude

Pete Greig, instigator of the 24-7 prayer movement, reveals how we can live a life of greater gratitude.

Andy Hawthorne – Grown up faith

Today's prayer point

Pray for all those who have been attending an Alpha course run by the Eden Netherton team (Merseyside). Pray that they continue on their journey of discipleship and come into a personal relationship with Jesus.

Natalie Williams – Mercy Bringers

Sarah Small – Cultivating a Prophetic Perspective

Natalie Williams – Bringing Mercy

Lawrence Bettany – Provision for God’s Vision

Andy Parnham – Maintaining a Healthy Mind

Esther Swaffield– Bray – What Does it Look Like to Act Justly?

Natalie Williams – Compassion for the Poor

Esther Swaffield-Bray – Lord, Teach Us To Pray

Rt Revd Jill Duff – The Hidden Army

Proximity 2019 – Q&A Session

Ben Woodfield – The Do’s and Don’ts of Church Planting

Emma Owen – Let’s Talk About Sex

Steve Haines – Transformation of the Poor

Jill Duff – Beacons of Light

Sam Ward – Upside Down Kingdom

Sam Ward – Unclean

Tim Tucker – Servant Leadership

Firenado – Sam Ward

Sam Ward shares his first encounter with the life altering power of the Holy Spirit.