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Andy Hawthorne – ‘Jesus is Coming Back’

Tim Arnold

Tim Arnold – ‘The Power of Hospitality’

Today's prayer point

Pray for our creative mission teams in South Africa. Pray that they will see more bookings in partnership with churches to create strong relationships and opportunities for discipleship.

Paul Hallam – ‘Called to stay’

Sam Ward – ‘The Purpose of Poverty’

Andy Hawthorne – ‘Fishing For Men’

Mark Ritchie – ‘Taking the gospel to the most unlikely place’

Sam Ward – ‘You Are Truly Favoured’

Ben Jack – ‘Humility’

A Life Worthy Of God’s Attention

How can we attract the favour of God on our lives? Bill Hogg looks to Paul’s closing advice to Timothy.

Tom Butler – God’s Mission God’s Way

Made In His Image

Sam Ward unpacks Colossians 1 and ask what the risen Christ is doing in our lives today.

Flow Podcast 2018

Flow Podcast Episode 45

Sam Ward

Sam Ward – The Lord Remembers His Oath

Sam Ward

Sam Ward – ‘Living Water’

Andy Hawthorne

Andy Hawthorne – ‘Armour of God’

Bill Hogg – ‘Holy Spirit’

Ben Jack – ‘Jesus is God’

Sam Ward – ‘Made in the image’

Session Three: What is the gospel?

Having talked through evangelism as the proclamation of the good news in the last session, we now make time to explore the gospel itself. What is the gospel? Do we have a sufficient understanding of the message we preach to…

One Thing: Nothing is too small to be used by God

Gavin Calver shares the one thing he wished he knew before he started preaching the gospel