Vital Signs are a hip-hop collective who combine music together with powerful, personal stories of hope and transformation to communicate the Christian faith in a relevant and engaging way.

The latest from Vital Signs

Higher Tour: Cambridge Highlights 2018

Higher Midlands Highlights

Today's prayer point

Pray for our Academy students as they head out on their placements. Pray for boldness as they share the gospel with those they meet.

Celebrating 25 years of The Message!

Flow Podcast 2018

Flow Podcast Episode 35 (May 2017)

Vital Signs - AA - Crown Freedom

‘AA’ by Vital Signs now available as a free download

Flow Podcast 2018

Flow Podcast Episode 33 (Mar 2017)

Vital Signs – Imprint

Imprint, the latest mixtape from Vital Signs, is available now as a free download

Vital Signs artist wins international song competition

Nick Shahlavi (performing as Nu Breed) has been awarded first place in the Anno Domini Song Contest 2016

More salvations at LIFT

Caitlin Woodington shares stories of salvation from our LIFT event in February 2017

Seeing God move in school with Vital Signs

Caitlin Woodington shares the story of Vital Signs working in a school in Cardiff, Wales

For the King: Music Video

‘Jesus Died for Me’: Nick’s Story (Live At Higher Manchester)

Starving Hearts

Starving Hearts is Here!

Vital Signs’ ‘Eyes Wide Open’ now on iTunes

Lives changed at CLAN Games

Eden Bus and Vital Signs bring new life to Netherton

A recent four-week visit from the Eden Bus came to an exciting end as fifteen local young people gave their lives to Christ at an outdoor gig from Message missions team Vital Signs.

Flow Podcast Episode 23 (Feb 2014)

Flow Podcast Episode 21 (Oct 2013)

Introducing our new teams: Square1 and Vital Signs

We’re multiplying our creative teams in order to take the good news of Jesus into more schools, tough communities and prisons in the years to come. Vital Signs Vital Signs are a hip-hop collective who combine music together with powerful,…

Vital Signs – ‘Testimonies’

Vital Sign’s debut release Testimonies is available for download now on a ‘Name your price’ basis. Listen to the track on Bandcamp