Milestones and Memories

Published on November 27, 2013

Ten years is a huge milestone and Eden Fitton Hill made sure the whole community got to join in the fun to celebrate.

“We have been so blessed, disappointed, inspired, stressed and proud over the years,” said Tim Royles, Eden Team Leader.  “We have worked with so many people who have helped make Fitton Hill such a great place to live now and we just had to have a huge party to celebrate.”

“Over the last 10 years Fitton Hill has been transformed as a community, crime has continued to drop, schools have improved, health centres built, community facilities improved and peoples lives turned round for the better. But sometimes you have to wait a long time before you can see just how much has happened.”

Eden Fitton Hill joined with Oldham council and other community groups to host a huge Funday at St Martins Park. With over 500 people, a climbing wall, huge inflatables, free family photos and party games there was a great atmosphere.

“On the Sunday we had a service,” continues Tim, “and celebrated with many of the people who have worked and volunteered with Eden over the last ten years.”

“We did some videos on the weekend and asked people what they thought had changed in the last ten years,” said Tim. ” I was blown away by how positive people were, about their community and the huge change there has been over the last ten years.”

“Over the summer we organised lots of activities for the youth and families and met with more than 400 people during that time. They had a great time at Chester Zoo where they encountered tigers and explored the maize maze and were challenged by the water sports at the outdoor activity centre. Loads of the kids said it was brilliant, that they really enjoyed it and would have had nothing to do if there weren’t any trips for them. So we know they appreciated all the effort we went to.”

To find out more about Eden Fitton Hill, take a look at the team page, contact Tim Royles on and have a look at the team’s website