Questions and answers – to prayer!

Published on January 28, 2015

Respect ME have been seeing fantastic responses to their lessons in self-esteem, bullying, sex and relationships, sexting and abuse within schools across Greater Manchester.

‘We’ve had great feedback from our new lessons,’ says the team’s leader Emma Owen. ‘After one sex and relationships lesson recently, a pupil and her friend said to the Head of RE, “We had lots of questions that we were too embarrassed to ask, but Emma and Georgia covered them all within the lesson.”’

All of the lessons that Message teams do are rooted in the Christian faith and full of personal stories of how their faith has impacted their own lives and situations. ‘We always pray that God will use these moments powerfully in the lives of the young people and recently, he showed us that he really does,’ says Emma. ‘After just one lesson with Vital Signs’ says Dave Moore (pictured top), ‘we were approached by a girl who was so impacted by our words that she wanted to become a Christian there and then. Amazing!’