Rebuilding Weoley Castle

Published on February 16, 2015

The story of Paul and Megan in a neglected part of Birmingham

Nearly 13 years ago our family moved onto Weoley Castle, a large council estate in South Birmingham. It’s a struggling estate- falling into the lowest 10% for deprivation. Our milkman refused to deliver there. We had lived nearby for a few years but felt God was calling us to focus on Weoley Castle and to plant a church. We felt that it was important to live in the place because we had some idea that we needed to have real relationships with people rather than just run projects and ‘do good’.

There is a real castle in Weoley Castle: the ruins of a fortified manor house that date from the 12th Century. These castle ruins have been neglected by the council and this seemed to reflect the reputation and atmosphere of the estate.  But when we moved on to the estate we believed that God was telling us to ‘rebuild the ruins’ with walls of love, strength and compassion and the flag of the cross flying above.  But at that time we hadn’t realised that we were also a part of the ruins and that in that place we would learn far more than we taught.

Through the years there have been many disappointments, as the original church plant did not work out as we had hoped and many projects, activities and people have come and gone.  However, the call to stay has remained and God has proved faithful.  We continue to see lives changed by the Holy Spirit as our friends encounter Jesus’ love for themselves. To find out what this looks like in practice, visit: