Dave and Shaina’s story

Published on November 24, 2016

In October we launched Message Canada with a vision for schools and prisons ministry, enterprise and much more. Eden is as ever foundational to every Message hub, so we’ve already launched our first team in the suburb of Whalley in Greater Vancouver, led by Dave and Shaina Morgan.

Carrying the wounds of hurt from his relationship with his father Dave found himself unable to kick a 22-year addiction to cocaine and alcohol and twice came close to killing someone.

‘There was so much anger in my life that I hired someone to kill my former mother-in-law and I almost stabbed to death my ex-wife’s husband in a cocaine rage. Even though I didn’t know it at the time, the Lord miraculously intervened on both occasions.’

The turning point in Dave’s life came when he was asked by a local church to help construct a wooden cross for their Easter service.

‘As I was hitting the cross with a hammer Jesus said to me, “You did this to me, but I did this for you.” I began to weep and at that moment I was healed of all those years of addiction and God called me to reach the lost who are on the margins of society.

‘I believe God wants to heal the people of Whalley and bring spiritual restoration. I’m a testament to that and I know Jesus can bring hope to anyone who is going through what I experienced.’

With a population of around 80,000 Whalley is the poorest suburb of Surrey, BC, with significantly high rates of prostitution, gang violence, drug addiction and homelessness.

Pray for Dave and Shaina and their team as they pioneer this challenging work.