Finding freedom and purpose

Published on November 28, 2016

Danny McEwan reached the lowest point in his life as a homeless, nine stone heroin addict with no hope of ever breaking free from his destructive lifestyle.  However, after encountering Jesus he not only found freedom from his addictions, but he also discovered a new purpose in his life.  Danny, who recently joined our MEC Building Services team shares his remarkable story of restoration.

I had a good upbringing in North Shields in Newcastle, where my dad had a good job with his own pharmacy.  But something happened when I was younger. I was made to feel separated from everyone I was growing up with.

I took this out on the people I went to school with, separated myself and got into a lot of fights.  My only escape was to start experimenting with drugs.  By the time I was 15 I was already taking heroin.
Years later I was sleeping rough feeling completely alone just trying to make money to feed my addiction.

My life completely spiralled out of control serving time in prison, staying in mental hospitals and hanging out with prostitutes. My heart was destroyed. I was ruined.  I didn’t know what peace or rest was.

Then I decided to get help to get off drugs so I went to a Christian rehabilitation centre run by Betel.  I didn’t want Christianity.  I thought these people were crazy singing about this saviour.

But after about six months I’d seen how God was moving in people. The Holy Spirit touched my life and I felt great because I wasn’t using drugs anymore.  My heart was restored.  I felt renewed.

From there I got involved in starting up a church. Working with a missionary really uplifted me and gave me a heart for the gospel. I started hitting the streets praying for the homeless, speaking to the lost with words of life.  I was bringing hope and encouragement to people who were living in the same boat that I’d been living in.

I then felt a tug in my heart to come to The Message Trust.  This was after I heard a brilliant preach on evangelism from Andy Hawthorne at the One event. I’d already been to The Message before at a Christmas event. I thought this was the future of Christianity with young people working in a move of God, which is going to help reach lost and broken people.  I just knew I needed to be part of this.

Before I encountered Jesus my plan for my life was to stay in the gutter and be a drug addict and prisoner. Then I embraced God’s plan for me to help those who have no hope find the love of Christ.

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