Seeing God move in school with Vital Signs

Published on March 3, 2017

On a recent schools visit with Vital Signs, our Message Wales team saw God open doors and move powerfully among students and teachers alike. Caitlin Woodington shares the story.

As a schools worker and now Higher South Wales Coordinator I continually feel like God is calling Message Wales to press deeper into schools and proclaim his message of hope, love and salvation to pupils and to teachers. With Vital Signs booked to perform at our termly outreach event LIFT, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Unfortunately, getting Vital Signs into a school proved difficult. I thought I had a booking sorted for the Friday, only for the school to cancel it on the Tuesday. I figured it was now impossible to make a new school visit happen in such a short space of time and proceeded to let everyone know it was cancelled.

God likes to open impossible doors

When my phone went off in that evening it became clear that God, who likes to make impossible situations possible, might be opening another door. Mike, our Eden Bus manager, sent me a text to saying the school where he does chaplaincy wanted Vital Signs on Friday.

So on Friday morning we showed up at a Cardiff high school with Vital Signs to deliver lessons to Year 9s and invite them to our LIFT event that evening.

Vital Signs delivered four lessons and in each lesson God’s presence became more and more apparent. Nick and Marvin’s raps and testimonies captivated the pupils. Teachers were just as engaged. These was more than just brilliant lessons. This was the power and presence of God showing up. This was God working through all the chaos there had been and bringing about his purposes.

During the third lesson of the day an RE teacher said she needed to talk to Mike and they stepped out into the corridor. Watching Mike step out, I thought, ‘That is even really good for us or really bad.’ Thankfully it was the former. She was so amazed with the lesson that she decided to bring extra pupils into the final lesson so that they could experience it as well.

With a packed classroom the Holy Spirit showed up

In the final lesson of the day we crammed in over 60 young people. As Vital Signs had done in every lesson they proclaimed Jesus and shared how Jesus had saved and transformed their lives. They spoke truth. They challenged the Year 9s about the choices they make. Nick asked the group if, after hearing his story, anyone now believed that God might be real. Over half the pupils put their hands up.

We gave free tickets to LIFT to the Year 9s. As we were packing away the RE teacher asked if she could have two tickets. She told us that she was Catholic but had never seen anything like these lessons. She wanted to see more so she planned to come to the event. Nick and Marvin shared with her a word from God that spoke directly into a situation in her life. We could see as the guys spoke to her that the Holy Spirit was moving.

Our schools team has had open doors before, but that day in school it felt like God was taking us to a completely different level. The word I believe God spoke to me throughout the day was ‘deposit’. What God did in the school was only the beginning of what he is about to unleash in schools across South Wales. And let’s just say we want more.

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