Meet Mike, our new Eden Bus manager in Wales

Published on March 6, 2017

Mike ThomasWe’re delighted that Counties UK Evangelist and all round legend, Mike Thomas, took the Eden Bus baton on from Ricardo Erasmus in September 2016.

Ricardo did an amazing job spearheading the Eden Bus ministry for us and setting the project in motion earlier last year, but he felt called back to serve full-time as youth pastor at City Church.

The Eden Bus partners with local churches in areas of deprivation to bring the love of God to young people and the wider community. By working consistently in the same places week by week, we see transformed lives and a reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour.

And we honestly couldn’t have wished for a better person for the job. With his boundless energy and passion for communicating the gospel to young people, Mike has set up numerous new projects with churches in Cardiff, the Valleys and the Vale and is already starting to branch into schools and universities.

‘The thing that’s surprised me most about the Eden Bus,’ says Mike, ‘is the difference that a big orange and yellow box can make. Obviously it’s not the bus that saves them, but it’s just that space that makes such a huge difference.’

We’re longing to see the bus partner with more churches, go into more schools and see many young people’s lives transformed and saved by the power of Jesus. So please be praying for opportunities to share the gospel with young people, parents, teachers and even just passers-by!

Want to book the bus for your area or speak to Mike about volunteering as a driver and youth worker? Email