Eden Latchford – choosing love

Published on March 27, 2017

Time and time again our Eden teams see lives in their communities transformed through simple acts of love. Danielle Campsall moved with her family in March 2015 to the Westy estate in Latchford near Warrington, where her husband Andy now leads an Eden team.

Recently Danielle discovered that a Christmas invitation would have a life-changing impact on her elderly neighbour.

‘Christmas is always a good time to connect with our neighbours and so it wasn’t an unusual thing to post cards along our street last year. An elderly man was walking down his path and questioned why I would choose to give him a card when I didn’t know him, which opened up a good conversation.

‘We found out he would be spending Christmas Day alone eating chips for his dinner and so I invited him to join us at our table. The following day the place was set but he didn’t arrive.

‘In the middle of the emotion of Christmas Day, taking his dinner round to him wasn’t at the top of my priority list. But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the years it is that loving even when it’s uncomfortable really pleases God. When we choose love regardless of circumstances, we reflect God’s ways. Our neighbour was surprised and very grateful for dinner. I was the only person he saw on Christmas Day.

‘Two days later, the plate was returned and my husband Andy spent two hours with him. There was a story surrounding the past few days that we’d been a part of without even realising. He told Andy, ‘I prayed [something he didn’t do as a rule] that either I would fall asleep and never wake up, or that God would bring someone to my door. Your wife knocked at my door.’ God was so kind to allow us to be part of the story.

‘We continue to meet together regularly, showing him that he has value and that he deserves love. We take every opportunity to share our faith with him and continue to pray he will get to a place where he is ready to know Jesus for himself. One thing he does know is that God heard his prayer at Christmas and cared about him enough to answer it.’

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