Eden launches its 50th team in Falinge, Rochdale

Published on April 11, 2017

There was a great sense of unity and expectation at the launch of our 50th Eden team in the neighbourhood of Falinge, Rochdale.

Eden FalingeEden Team leader James Moss says people from a wide network of churches from across the area packed into Hebron Church, which the team will be part of. ‘There was a brilliant atmosphere and it was so encouraging to see so many people from across the area getting behind us.’

As well as seeing so much support from the local community, the team was also encouraged that one man was so impacted during the evening that he responded to journey further with Jesus leading to his baptism a few weeks ago.

James and his wife, Hannah, hope to impact many more young people like this and build on the youth work they have already been involved with in the area for the last four years.

‘We heard about Eden a few years ago, and loved the idea of becoming a part of the community. We recently felt God say he would go before us and open a door to new things. Soon after that we received information about the new Eden team in our town. Almost immediately we knew this was what God had prepared for us and with many confirmations we went for it.

‘Falinge is an estate full of people who need hope, who need joy, who need love, who need Jesus. We are excited to move into the area, to get to really know some great people in the community and do all we can to bless them and show them who they are in Jesus’ name.

‘We have quite a good relationship with the schools already because we’ve been working in this area for a while. We go into the local primary school every week including giving classroom support, which means quite a few of the kids on the estate recognise us. Also in the local high school we’ve been doing assemblies every term for a few years now as well as running lunch clubs and RE lessons.’

The team will also be helping with a number of projects in the local community centre including a homework club and music lessons.

James believes they’ll see transformation through establishing the kind of community we see in the book of Acts, ‘Personally, we felt like it was moving up to the next level for the work we’ve been doing. God’s been speaking to me a lot about building community. I’m excited about forming a team in that way who are always there for each other, praying together and sharing all things. My excitement is the idea of that overflowing onto the estate and then growing from there connecting with people more and more.’

Please pray for James and Hannah who are expecting their first child in May this year for this and for God to send more team members at this new and exciting stage. Could you be one of them? Visit joineden.org.