Eden Birkenhead North launches

Published on July 13, 2017

MERSEYSIDE—Thursday 25 May was a night of much celebration as we launched a new Eden team in the North End of Birkenhead. A number of local churches and organisations came together to support and pray for this new team based at St James Church, Birkenhead.

It was a night that had been much anticipated and longed for as, almost five years ago, three separate members of St James church all heard about Eden within the space of a week and all felt a strong sense that Eden was what their community and church needed.

It has been a long but fruitful journey after Eden team leader Holly Warren joined St James church a year ago to begin preparing for the launch of Eden and form a team. Holly says: ‘What drew me to this area was the sheer need. I think that so often we expect God to give us this big glamorous call and yet, more often that not, the need is the call itself. We follow a God who has a special place for those most in need and those most forgotten and neglected.’

For Holly, although the North End is an area of need it is also an area of amazing opportunity. ‘The biggest blessing since I have arrived has been the incredible amount of open doors. Organisations have been so inclusive and welcoming and open to partnerships, schools have been really eager to invite Eden in and the local housing association even gave a house rent-free to the team for four years!’

Working in the local primary schools, running youth activities at the local community centre, mentoring and discipling youth and mums in the community, detached youth work and weekly ministry with the Eden Bus are all activities that are already a part of the weekly goings-on of Eden Birkenhead North.

Holly and Katie are looking forward to being joined by Leanne at the end of the summer but there is still a need for more of the family of God to move into this community. Please pray for God to send more team members to join this exciting venture!

The places in greatest need of the love of Jesus are often the places where the church is in decline. Eden sends urban missionaries to these places – to live sacrificially, share the gospel and build authentic community. Join Eden today: joineden.org