Eden Latchford: salvation on the doorstep

Published on October 5, 2017

“What I love about Eden is the incarnational living. I don’t care too much that where we live isn’t exactly Pall Mall and that crime rates are high, I care more that people of Westy Latchford hear the gospel”Andy, Eden Latchford team leader.

We love hearing stories about how Jesus is transforming some of the poorest communities in this country through our Eden teams. Eden Latchford (Warrington) help with a weekly community meal that a local couple run and one night they had a guest speaker from CAP who shared his testimony. That night several members of the community gave their lives to Jesus! One of those people happened to be a neighbour of Andy and Danielle, the Eden team leaders. He started coming along to an Alpha course that Andy runs from his home. Starting out with many questions, at the end of that first evening he went away with a completely different concept of who Jesus is.

But that’s not where the story ends…

About a week later, after coming home from an evening out, Andy and Danielle saw this neighbour’s support worker rummaging through the boot of his car. They’d spoke many times before, building a good friendship and Andy had often shared about his faith. They got talking about a personal issue that he was facing and to cut a long story short, through their conversation he gave his life to Jesus on their doorstep!

Now both Andy’s neighbour and the neighbour’s support worker meet together at Andy’s house and do the Alpha course around the kitchen table.

Andy shares, “Incarnational living is what has helped build the friendship prior to these guys becoming Christians. Praise our great God for them and what He is doing in Latchford.”  

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Photo credit: Nico Düsing/Flickr