The Message and Barnabus

Published on October 18, 2017

If you come to the Message Enterprise Centre to have a coffee, get your hair cut or browse the latest bikes you might also notice at the back of the building an upcycled furniture shop called ReNu. Run by the charity Barnabus, ReNu is a great addition to the services provided at the MEC. Sharing the values that are held by the other businesses situated in the MEC, we’re really excited to consider them as a part of the Message family, partner with them and champion their work. 

Barnabus is a charity that has provided life-changing support to the homeless of Manchester for over 25 years and they see up to 600 visits per week from rough sleepers and homeless people in Manchester city centre. Their ethos is all about giving people a hand-up in to independent living and ReNu is one of their initiatives to ensure they can help more people achieve that.

I had nothing when I came to Barnabus and now I have accommodation, friends and a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

ReNu is about restoring furniture and restoring people, giving homeless people the chance to upcycle furniture and sell it on, putting every penny made, back in to the project. When a person buys a piece of furniture from this shop they are not only buying a piece of furniture, they are buying a piece of someone’s journey of hope.

ReNu reopened at the Message Enterprise Centre in March this year. This move offered more workshop space and the ability to open three days a week, providing more available time for work experience.

For ReNu the MEC is much more than a building, a space to make and sell their products.

Neil (Head of Operations) shares with us:

‘ReNu is now set alongside the other Message businesses who are staffed by ex-offenders and those who have been suffering addictions but are now in recovery and walking with Jesus. We believe this venue will provide an environment that will inspire our friends to move forward away from the streets when they see people who have made that journey and are now employed around them’

Friends of Barnabus share what working for ReNu means to them:

‘It enables me to focus on the piece I am working on and forget all my troubles’

‘I get up every day as though I am going to work – because I am!’

‘Gets the brain ticking and helps me deal with my depression’ 

We are really excited for The Message to be partnering with Barnabus, to support and showcase their amazing work with the homeless of Manchester and we love having ReNu as a part of the Message Enterprise Centre. Head to ReNu’s website to get your hands on some amazing upcycled furniture and find out more about the incredible work of Barnabus.