Eden Rhydyfelin: ‘I know that God loves me now’

Published on November 7, 2017

On Friday 22 September Message Wales hosted LIFT, a youth outreach event that is held each term. It was amazing to see around 350 youth gather at Freedom Church in Cardiff, with around 55 young people making decisions for Christ. Heather Ryan, our Eden Rhydyfelin team leader, shares her favourite story of the night…

‘Our group had an awesome time at LIFT! We brought six young people, and three of them were new to the event. I was uncertain if the new attendees just wanted a few hours away from Rhydyfelin, or if they really wanted to come.

They all really enjoyed the music from Galactus Jack and Amongst Wolves. They were dancing around and having a great time. But when it came to the talk from Ben Jack, I was a little worried about their reactions. Would they pay attention? Would they distract their friends? Would they go and wait in the toilet for an hour just to avoid the gospel message?

As the evening concluded with a time of response one of our girls stood up quickly and then sat back down. She had done this at a previous event so it didn’t surprise me when she sat back down. What did surprise me was when she stood up again, along with every other young person in our group! All six of them prayed sincerely to receive Christ, and gave their details to the response team. I thought that was a great end to a successful event.

But on the way home our young people began talking and asking questions about what it means to be a Christian. Then one of the girls piped up and said “Did you not hear a voice in your head telling you it’s all real and God loves you?” Our team had to suppress their shouts of joy in order to keep the car on the road.

Later that night we asked another of the girls if they realised how important her decision really was and she responded “Yeah! I know that God loves me now. He’s accepted me for what I’ve done and taken away my sins. God just loves me, doesn’t He?”

Our team is so excited to see this incredible change in our young people. We have started a Youth Alpha course with these young people on Sunday afternoons because of their desire to learn more about God.’

Be sure to join us for our upcoming LIFT events! LIFT is back in Cardiff on 9 February 2018. Also on 10 February 2018 LIFT, for the first time ever, is heading to Newport!

For more information about LIFT contact Megan Barrett at megan.barrett@message.org.uk or on 02920512247.