From the Message Academy to war-torn Sierra Leone

Published on November 7, 2017

James Koroma, Academy 2013-14 graduate, grew up in Sierra Leone, a country still reeling from civil war and where 80% of the population live in extreme poverty. The Message is now supporting him as he returns to share the gospel. 

‘Six months into my Academy year we went on a mission trip to South Africa. Seeing the impact of the work out there, especially in prisons among young men in gangs sparked something in me. It made me believe I can see something like this working among the gang culture in Sierra Leone,’ says James.

‘Since I completed the course I’ve been doing everything I can provide an alternative to street kids in my home country, particularly those caught up in gangs.’

On a recent trip, James worked with a former child soldier who had lived on the streets for over 12 years. ‘It was very challenging hearing his story and I just had this love toward him as a brother.

‘We’ve been able to seed-fund a hairdressing shop for him. The vision is for it to run itself after the first year. Seeing his journey toward a relationship with Jesus is amazing, and I believe if we keep praying we can see lives like his turned around.

‘It’s all about reaching the unreachable, going and seeking the lost and seeing their lives transformed.’


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