Eden Fir Vale: Heart for the homeless

Published on November 30, 2017

One of the joys for our Eden teams is being able to watch the young people in their community grow in faith and to witness God moving in their lives. This is true in Eden Fir Vale where the team are witnessing and nurturing a passion beginning to build in one of their young girls… 

A group from Eden Fir Vale (Sheffield) were on the way home from a monthly youth gathering, Shine Live and decided to stop at a local shop to buy sweets. One of the young girls in the group spotted a homeless lady outside of the shop and felt compelled to help. So, she asked if she could give the lady the 20p that she had saved to buy her sweets. But the girl wanted to do more and encouraged the team and they bought this homeless woman some food and engaged in a really good conversation. The young girl from Fir Vale engaged really well and displayed amazing, genuine compassion. As they got back in the car and headed home the young girl broke down in tears due to how unfair it was that this woman didn’t have a home to go to. The team all prayed together in the car for this woman and for her situation.

Team leader Nikky shares…

‘God had clearly done something big in our girl’s heart that night’

What appeared to be a small gesture of 20p actually reflects a stirring in this girl’s heart, being captured by God’s vision and a passion for the homeless. It’s great that the team at Eden Fir Vale are there to encourage, celebrate and help guide this young girl in developing her heart for the homeless and they can’t wait to see where it leads.

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