Eden Southwick: a week of mission

Published on December 4, 2017

Our Eden teams all across the country are busy serving the communities that they live in. We love hearing about what they’re getting up to and how they’re bringing about transformation to lives and communities across the UK. 

Over the October half term, the Eden Southwick (Sunderland) team held a missions week for their community. Joined by 10 gap year students from Daniel Challenge, the team packed the week full of activities and events and the week went amazingly. These activities and events included:

  • Youth Sports Club
    A weekly club for the young people of the community to come and play dodgeball, football and other fun games.
  • Kingdom Café
    A drop-in café for high school students, a project that the team are now running weekly.
  • Lunch Club
    A place for families to come and have their lunch at a time during the school holidays where it can be difficult for them to provide and prepare good meals. This was run twice throughout the week with all the 100 meals that were prepared being eaten up.
  • Football Club
    At the weekly football club, Marvin and Nick from Vital Signs travelled up to join the team and here they had a chance to share some of their testimonies with the group. The guys at the football group responded really well as they could relate to Nick and Marvin’s past.
  • Vital Signs Gig
    On the Friday evening, Vital Signs put on an epic gig at the church. Around 20 new people came to the gig who hadn’t been in the building before, including three from the football group earlier in the day. At the end of the gig, Nick and Marvin prayed for a few people and the team are confident that seeds were planted in certain young people’s hearts.
  • Football Tournament
    At the end of the week, on the Saturday, they ran a football tournament for anyone aged between 11 and 99. This gathered around 100 people during the tournament. There was a great atmosphere throughout the day, despite an air of competiveness and a few fights that broke out (thankfully all were broken up very quickly).
  • Film Night
    To round up the week the team put on a film night for the families of the community where they saw several new faces in the building which was really encouraging to see at the end of a great week.

Feeling inspired to join an Eden team? To live sacrificially, share the gospel and build authentic community in a place that is in the greatest need of the love of Jesus? Head to joineden.org to find out more.