Launching Higher South Wales

Published on December 20, 2017

‘This generation will see the greatest move of God that this nation has ever seen’ 

This statement has been at the forefront of our minds, fuelling both our expectations and motivations. We want to see a culture-shifting number of young people encounter the gospel of Jesus Christ and become life-long disciples with the help of the local church. This is why we have committed to the Higher Tour, a nationwide youth evangelism outreach.

On 24 November 2017 we officially launch the Higher Tour in South Wales. We had an evening of worship in both English and Welsh, performances from Vital Signs, SoulBox and Amongst Wolves, giving a taster of the Higher Tour experience that is coming to schools and outreach events in Wales in 2018.

We were encouraged as Andy Hawthorne shared testimonies of how God moved through the recent Higher Tour in Manchester, with many young people giving their lives to Jesus. Message Wales director Gary Smith shared the vision to take teams into at least 50 high schools across South Wales.

We were also honoured to be joined by world-renowned evangelist Luis Palau. His encouraging word challenged the church in Wales to move forward, taking their heritage of evangelism and revival and passing the torch on to the next generation.

In November 2018, Higher is coming to South Wales. We want to take our mission teams into schools, delivering innovative lessons and inviting young people to local gigs that will include live music and a bold presentation of the gospel with an invitation for young people to respond. With Higher, we want to see young people added to the local church and those who respond to the gospel will be encouraged to join discipleship groups being run by churches in their communities.

To learn more about the Higher tour or to partner with us as we seek to raise up a generation of culture-shifting disciples contact Caitlin Woodington at 02920 512 247 or